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The 10 track Double EP Release - FOR FREE

Hello, this is the way in. Some people don't go any further, they assume FREE comes with a catch or must be rubbish. Here's the thing though, we're a completely DIY band who have made this concept double EP and we want it to be heard. So while all our previous material is on Spotify / Apple Music et al. we've decided to put this project out for free, exclusively to people who sign up here. Why?? Well this allows us to give you more than just the songs, Once you've signed up you we will send you 2 songs a week with deep dives into story behind the music, alternate and acoustic versions, interviews (over shots) with other bands from the scene who we love and want to introduce you to, studio diary footage, all the lyrics and more. Full disclosure, we'll be offering you signed physical copies of the EP inside too and you might feel like you want to support us and buy them but you really aren't obligated at all; you'll keep receiving all 10 songs and all 10 deep dives whether you buy a copy or not. We're honestly just happy to have you along for the ride.

Check out our Shot Ones video. Teresa, Sam, George and I (Ben) drink some pretty nasty shots and talk about the project. Hope to see you on the other side.